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 Creative Doggie Styles

Here are some more stylish haircuts we were able to create on some of our little four legged friends whose owner's have given us permission to be creative with their pets. If you are interested in having your pet trimmed in a non-traditional trim,  please discuss your wishes with our groomers and we will try to create something unique and special for your fur-baybee if possible :-)

"Diamond Back Yorkie Style"

created by Tina

Little "Tink" has a diamond-shaped design trimmed on her back and is sporting "booties". Her topknot is put in 2 small rubber bands to keep the hair from falling in her eyes.

"Lion cut on a white Pomeranian"

created by Tina


is proudly showing off his majestic mane! His body was cut short and his tail has a cute "Paintbrush tip".

"Asian Style Yorkie Cut"

created by Tina


Tink needed a new make over! Her body was clipped short and she was sporting "Booties". Her face was scissored short and her ears were left full.

"Yorkie/Maltese Mix with Bell Bottoms"

created by Tina


This haircut is ideal for dogs that wear doggie clothes. It keeps the hair from matting up but still leaves enough style to look cute!

"Maltese with a clean muzzle"

created by Tina


Bella's coat was clipped to about 1/2"inch on her body, leaving fuller "Booties" and a clean muzzle. The bottom of her ears were gathered with small bows.

"Shih-Tzu with braids"

created by Tina


has her topknot split into two French braids that extend down her ears. The hair below her actual ears has been gathered by a rubber band and has been accented with bows.

"Yorkie with clean feet"

created by Tina


Andy body was clipped to about 5/8 inches, leaving his legs fuller with clean feet, tipped ears and a cute puppy face.




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